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Saint or Sinner?

The BBC World Service has gone silent when it comes to Burmese politician Aung San Suu Ky. There was a time not so long ago that they were touting her for sainthood. What was not to like about her? She had a plummy accent, went to Oxford and was married to an Englishman. She was almost "one of us". And she expertly played the role of martyr for democracy in her homeland of Myanmar, as her father's strongman successors had named Burma. Eventually it had become clear to the military junta running Burma/Myanmar that they would have to at least pretend to be a democracy and let Aung San take power - if only via a proxie puppet. Her father, General Aung San, had turned against his Japanese masters during the Second World War but was murdered by his fellow nationalists around the time of Burmese independence. Suu Ky was able to capitalise on her father's career to launch and sustain her own bid for power. Some might see the whole situation as a squabble between rival factions of the military/political strongman caste. The warning signs came when Aung San Suu Ky was released from comfortable house arrest and had to re-enter the grim world of "democracy". Asked on the BBC about what she would do to protect the Muslim minority in Burma she basically told the interviewer "Get real, there ain't no votes in helping them." A lot of points for honesty, not a lot for humanity and decency. And definitely not the words of a saint. So, now we have the Muslim minority being burned, raped and murdered out of their homes and not a mention on the World Service's news bulletins of its one-time favourite non-white politician.


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