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Lost in Translation

I know I can't be the only one who used to do this; because I heard it turned into a radio competition. Take a short piece of text and feed into an internet translator, asking for it to be changed from English to, say, German. Then from German to, say, Spanish and then into another language and then another and then back into English. The radio competition involved doing this with well known song lyrics and then people had to guess from the final garbled English version what the original song was. I was reminded of this while watching an American DVD about the early days of the Second World War. Some the phrasing and word choices were distinctly odd. At the end it became evident that the documentary was also available in Spanish and I came to the conclusion that the original script was probably in Spanish. Whoever did the translation into English was obviously not a native speaker and may even have used an online translation service  (Rommel outflanked General Ow-chen-leck and achieved to the capture of 2,00 Allied prisoners). Still that was nothing like as annoying as another US documentary which seemed unusually sympathetic to the Nazi SS during the Second World War. It referred to "Allied Occupied" Belgium in 1944. I think most of the Allied troops believed they were liberating Belgium from the Germans. No surprise perhaps that this American production sneered at "mainstream historians"and suggested that British prisoners murdered by the SS had asked for it. Only in America.


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