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Extra Curricular Activities

I'm not sure why bosses are so impressed by people who do "extra stuff". I used to work with a guy on the news side of a newspaper who also wrote a column on football. I couldn't help feel that if someone had the time and energy to write a football column, perhaps they were not putting all they could have into the job they were actually being paid to do. But the bosses were impressed, the guy got promotion. And twice he was in charge on the very very rare days when the paper got its backside kicked by the opposition - an opposition that was so incompetent that they couldn't report a broken street light to the council. I don't think us getting beaten was unrelated to his extra curricular interests interfering with his real job. I think if someone is being paid to do a job they should focus on doing the best job they can and that usually means not having the energy left at the end of the day to write football columns or take night classes. I'd be suspicious of such characters, if I was their boss. Same as the Germans are not impressed by the whole "first into the office in the morning, last to leave at night" approach to work. To the Germans, people who can't do their job in the time allocated simply can't do their job. So, yet another bunch of "workers" who should be viewed with suspicion but actually seem to get the promotions. 


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