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Well Jailed  
I'm glad the odious  Aung San Suu Ky has had four years added to her existing four prison sentence. She deserves it for what she did to the Rohingya Muslims. In the old days bad cops used to frame criminals on the basis of "you may not have done this one but you've done a lot of bad stuff and for the sake of your neighbours you should be in jail". Wrong, but how much wronger than defence lawyers giving prosecution witnesses' addresses to their clients? The charges Aung has been jailed for were trumped up by the military regime that runs Myanmar, once known as Burma. But if Aung hadn't been born a girlie, she would have been part of the junta  founded by her father. Aung and her father, General Aung San, occasionally showed disarming honesty.  Long before the genocidal attack on the Rohingas, Aung said she would not never lift a finger to protect them because such a move would be electoral suicide. Her father when challenged that he only only stopped fighting for the Japanese  when it became obvious they would lose the Second World War, pretty much replied with a smile  "Of course". 

It's Not Racism Stupid
Quite  often when I hear folk complaining about racism I can’t help feeling their narrow focus is missing the bigger picture. And that is that the problem is not really skin tone but of being poor. Take for example police stopping people. It’s often about location rather than skin tone. Now, it's true certain neighbourhoods may have a lot people with certain skin tones. But the police are suspicious of everyone on the streets of that neighbourhood and stop them for “a chat” regardless of skin tone. Those who cry “racism” are, intentionally or through stupidity, doing the work of the Boss Class. Divide and Conquer. The old Klu Klux Klan was more about stopping black and white workers uniting to fight poor pay and working conditions than any genuine belief amongst its financial backers in racial superiority. 

Shameless Plug #9 - With Wellington was among the books recommended as an excellent Christmas present by the prestigious The Society for Army Historical Research. There was another mysterious surge in sales of With Wellington last summer. At the end of May it was the third best selling book about the Peninsular War on the website of one of Britain's biggest booksellers and Number Eighteen in the table for all Napoleonic books.  Last December's  sales surge turned out to be a combination of the venerable Scots Magazine declaring it Book of the Month in its January 2015 edition and a highly favourable review in the Napoleonic Association's newsletter. Scots Magazine's reviewer, nature writer and author, Jim Crumley, declared "I don't much care for military memoirs, but I could not put this one down". Other reviewers have been equally enthusiastic - "If you are interested in the memoirs of British soldiers in the Napoleonic Wars this book is a MUST!... You don't get many Napoleonic memoirs as good as this" and "It is the most candid memoir of the British Army I have ever read... does not pull any punches ... highly entertaining, but also thought provoking..." To have a look at the full reviews check out more about With Wellington  

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