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I thought it might be a good idea to put some links on this site to other sites which could be of interest to you. It's a time consuming process because I have to get permission from the other site operators to link to them. This often involves someone seeking an OK from a high-up in a veterans' or regimental association. So far, I've only had one definite “No”. That was from a regimental association which didn't want to be associated with the words “military disasters”. That made me a little sad. I would have thought that a soldier is just as dead regardless of whether the battle they fought in was a victory or a defeat. The defeats are all too often swept under the carpet. What I found was that the basic Scottish soldier didn't change much over the centuries. Poor generalship, lack of training, and sheer bad luck were often the factors that made the difference between triumph and disaster. I feel sorry that the soldiers who fought and died in lost battles are somehow regarded as less worthy of having their stories told than those who were on the winning side.
Speaking of whitewashes: I see demands for an inquiry into the 1948 Batang Kali Massacre in what was then Malaya refuse to die down. Good. I don't think the people who deny the need for an inquiry realise just what a great weapon the lack of information about the massacre is for anti-British propagandists. Some of the claims these people make are outrageous but as long as the British Government insists on hiding the truth, they have a clear run. What amazes me is that so many people still don't believe that a patrol from the Scots Guards did murder 24 ethnic Chinese at a rubber plantation. I saw a former senior soldier quoted as saying he thought there has already been a satisfactory inquiry. I presume this means he accepts the male plantation workers were indeed all killed while trying the escape. If that's what he did mean, I wonder if he's ever troubled himself to wonder why there were no workers wounded while trying to escape.



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