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Not Smart Digger

I’m not going to bore you by adding my voice to those wondering what the heck the Canadians and British hope to gain by joining the U.S./French air assault on Libya. The air campaign defies all political logic. The Libyans have to sort this out for themselves – we can’t save everyone. No-one wants another Rwanda but in revolution nearly always brings the monsters to the fore. There appears to be a leadership vacuum when it comes to the rebels and I’m worried about who is going to fill it. And let's not go into how attacking tanks and artillery positions counts as enforcing a No-Fly Zone
No, I want to talk about the Aussies in Afghanistan. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook it turns out that some of the Aussies don’t have a lot of time for the Afghans they are supposed to be protecting. “Ragheads” was one of the more polite names used to describe the local population. I can sympathise with foreign troops in Afghanistan because if there’s one thing that all the ethnic groupings there share, it’s an almost universal dislike and distrust of foreigners. The Afghans regard themselves as poor but pure and all they want is to be left alone. Sadly, over the past 200 years, the British, Russians, Americans, Pakistanis, and Iranians have all reckoned the Afghans can't be left alone. When I was in Kandahar province back in 2002, it was obvious that any continued trouble-free Canadian presence was heavily dependent on providing tangible and almost immediate economic benefits to the local population. But the Aussies who posted the derogatory material on Facebook were not behaving professionally. I bet the Taliban and their allies are have a field day posting the Aussies’ Facebook comments on thousands of Islamic websites. Not helpful, Digger. In fact, I’ve got to wonder is the morons involved should even be allowed near fire arms.
I’m a little disappointed because the Aussies I met in Afghanistan were all very professional – mind you they were members of the Australian SAS or on attachment to it. Great neighbours.  One day I might tell you about the day some members of the  Canadian special forces unit JTF2 locked themselves out of their office at Kandahar Airport.


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