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Motorcycle Safety


I've often thought that it might be better if people had to pass their motorcycle test before they could sit the test for a full driving licence. When a car and a motorbike collide, the car usually comes off best. I don't know if there are any figures to back this up; but my feeling is that the car driver is usually to blame. Motorcyclists are not stupid and they know they will end up paying for car drivers' mistakes. This makes them more aware and safer drivers than their counterparts on four wheels. And the good driving habits they learn on two wheels can be carried forward when the graduate to four. As a teenager I had a motorbike and attempts to teach me to drive a car did not go well. I felt sitting in a steel box divorced me from the realities of what was going on on the road. Looking through the windscreen was like looking at a television screen. But maybe that was just me. Of course, insisting on folks sitting the motorcycle test before they can sit the car test would not be a smooth process. Those learning in the winter would face greater challenges. I had to give up my motorbike and switch to four wheels when I was a reporter on Tyneside. When I was heading to work in the early hours of just too many winter mornings there were two things on the road - black ice and big lorries. It was only a matter of time before I ended up being crushed in the middle of a road junction when the bike slid from under me as I tried to stop at a red traffic light. Of course, the real answer is to make the driving test more demanding. But in a democracy, no government is going to deprive the majority of the electorate of their cars.


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