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So, Edmonton was the coldest place in the world on Sunday night at something like -46oC. Only some weather station at Siberia recorded anything colder, I think they got -48oC. Finally, folks had something else to talk about other than a city bus driver being dragged out of his seat and beaten nearly to death for apparently refusing to let some guy ride for free.

A couple of years back a passenger was beaten to death for asking some kids to turn down their music on the bus. In both cases I was left wondering what the other passengers were doing. Going by the time some kid pulled a knife on me on the bus, I’m guessing the other passengers did nothing.

So, I’ve been telling folks about the New Year’s Day I came to the rescue of some guy who was the victim of a vicious and unprovoked assault. I thought we’d outnumber the bad guy two-to-one but the assault victim just sank to his knees and started whimpering while the bad guy knocked one of my fillings out. Then there the time I lifted a bad guy off another fellah who was also the victim of an unprovoked attack. The guy I rescued ran off leaving me to face not only the bad guy but the bad guy’s friend. I went to the office party with a lovely cut over my left eye.

My point in telling these stories to people, apart from them being funny stories, was to paint myself into a corner when it comes to doing the right thing if I ever see a bus driver or one of the passengers being beaten to death in Edmonton. It’s not always easy to do the right thing.

So far, only one person has taken up my suggestion that we turn this into some kind of discussion forum. So, I’m thinking almost any contribution will be posted. Feel free.


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