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I was absolutely appalled to read in a book written by respected American military historian Carlo D'Este that the Japanese over-ran Hong Kong during the summer of 1941. In fact, that happened around Christmas Day 1941. Folk in the United States constantly rewrite the history of the early years of the Second World War to hide the fact that Hitler had to declare war on "The Greatest Generation". Yes, the US Government came up with Lend-Lease, but only after the British had produced documentation from the world's bankers confirming that that the country had effectively been bankrupted by the cost of buying its war supplies from the USA. President Roosevelt still hoped that the war could be won with British Empire dead and American equipment. I used to have a bit of time for another US historian called Paul Fussell. Then I heard him interviewed on the radio and constantly referring to the war beginning in 1941. The thing was he was talking on Canadian radio, and the war started for Canada, as with most decent nations, in 1939. Fussell was obviously past his sell-by-date. The British had a poor record when it came to buying victory with others' blood, that's how they became briefly The British Empire, but at least they put their name on the sign-up sheets for the wars they benefited from. Believers in The Greatest Generation; what kind of people bankrupt those fighting the evils of Nazi Germany and only join the conflict when the Nazis declare war on them?


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