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Why the Rush?

I don't think Scots MPs at Westminster should be voting on legislation that only applies to England. It's a matter of courtesy. But this English Voting on English Legislation has me worried. I just don't trust Westminster not to pull a fast one. The flaws in the devolution of powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland mean that it's not always easy to determine what legislation applies only to England. The, say, New Sewerage Pipes Act (England) seems pretty clear cut but there is other legislation that isn't so straight forward. The proper place to debate and vote on England-only legislation is perhaps an English legislature and not the British House of Commons. There are many successful democracies with federal constitutions and I am baffled as to why Westminister so staunchly opposes this system of government. By the way, I can't help feeling many of  jurisdictional conundrums we now face date back to when Labour's Tony Blair started back-pedalling on his devolution promises in 1997 when he realised he didn't need his Scottish MPs after all to ensure a majority. Another thing that bugs me about the whole EVEL debate is the hypocrisy. There are still some English Tory MPs around who flooded into the House of Commons in 1988 to impose the Poll Tax on the Scots a year before it was implemented for their own constituents. Why is this ill-considered major  constitutional change being rushed through? The fundamental issue at stake has existed since the creation of the Government of Northern Ireland in 1920 - that's almost a century ago. This issue is too important to all residents of the United Kingdom to be dealt with by pandering partisan political posturing. An all-party approach is needed if disaster is to be avoided. In the meantime, it might be nice if Scottish MPs could bring themselves to refrain from voting at Westminister on Bills that are indisputably English-only matters.


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