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White Lives Matter Most

No-one would surely disagree with the slogan "Black Lives Matter": but apparently White Lives matter more. The wall-to-wall almost 24-hour blanket coverage of the recent terrorist attack in Paris which claimed around 130 lives and has probably wrecked an equal number demonstrates clearly who the English-speaking media cares about. And the lesson will not have been lost on the terrorists. Killing innocent people in Turkey or Beirut generates nothing like the same coverage as slaughtering people in Paris. Even two hundred or so Russian tourists on a plane flying out of Egypt are not quite as interesting.  What was it, 100 dead in the Turkish bomb attack? But 25% more dead in Paris generates entire news broadcasts dedicated to the European attack. Terror depends on publicity. If no-one knows about the murders, no-one will be sacred enough to give the terrorists what they want. Zero coverage or mention of the Paris attack would be stupid and irresponsible. But the level of coverage we got sends a clear message to the terror bosses. Rounding up a bunch of sad-sack losers, preferably with criminal connections who can supply the guns, and sending them to a high profile European city is definitely going to work better than killing non-whites somewhere else in the world. I know not all the victims in Paris were white, but most were. I just hope the BBC World Service's tweely-named Team Newshour realise how much their jolly to Paris is probably going to cost the people who pay their wages. Canada's state broadcaster wasn't much better. But I think the terrorists' money will be on more coverage for a European massacre than one in Toronto.


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