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What to Wear

So, what should the well-dressed reporter in a war zone wear? I remember at least one of the American reporters at Kandahar airport in 2002  kitted out from head-to-toe in US Army gear. "There are no neutrals in a war zone," he told me when I asked him why. But I found that many soldiers think that wearing nothing but military issue clothing is taking the piss. Another type of reporter shows up with a dark blue flack jacket and military helmet with a dark blue cover. Some of the this gear even carries the word PRESS. I sometimes wonder if they wouldn't be better painting the word TARGET on the gear and always carrying a bunch of brightly coloured balloons on  a string. Why stand out from the crowd on a battlefield, particularly when only the very stupid don't realise that today's insurgent actually targets members of the press. It all seems a bit like waving a press identification card in the air while under rocket or mortar attack and expecting it to do any good. There did seem to be another off-duty media uniform: some kind of casual shirt, a pair of khakis and suede boots. Though I suspect many of these media warriors didn't venture much further than the lobby of their hotel or the bedrooms of groupies. But the one thing I'll say for the dark-blue get-up is that the protective gear is usually up to code; ballistic plates and all that good stuff. What about me? Well, to paraphrase the Norwegian playwright Ibsen; one does not wear one's best trousers to a war. I opted for mute greens and browns from the local charity shop. The flak jacket and helmet colours didn't make me stand out too much at shooting distance from the crowd of soldiers around me but didn't take the piss out of them either. You can't file your story back to head office if you're dead.

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