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Victims of War

I was a little disappointed to hear some English balloon with a double-barrelled surname chuntering on the BBC World Service about whether the Americans were justified in dropping  atom bombs on Japan.  Actually, that is a question worthy of discussion. I think what pissed me off was he seemed to be buying into the whole Japanese as somehow especially victimized by the war scenario. Certainly, the Japanese see themselves as victims and need little encouragement from the BBC when it comes to that feeling.  They remain woefully ignorant to this day about how their compatriots and ancestors behaved during the Second World War. The Japanese narrative is that the United States forced them into war and then committed the greatest of all war crimes by dropping the atom bomb on them. No mention is made of mass rape, murder of prisoners, torture, massacres of civilians, cruel medical experimentation or working slaves to death that took place in between. Yes, atomic weapons were and remain terrible things. But so were the fire storms created by conventional bombing raids on Tokyo, Hamburg and Dresden, to name only a couple of the targets for Allied attack. Yes, the Japanese had put out peace feelers before the atom bombs were dropped. But the Germans put out peace feelers in 1916 which involved them getting to keep all the bits of France and Belgium they occupied. There are peace proposals and "peace proposals". But the disgusting behaviour of the Japanese obviously does not justify two atomic attacks. Maybe saving lives in the long run does.  Perhaps our little chum from the BBC would like to tour cities in Britain, India, the USA, China and Japan and point out several hundred thousand people for execution.  I think he should condemn to death the same number of people who would have died, including Japanese, if the war had not been brought to such a sudden and unexpected conclusion by Little Boy and Fat Man.


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