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Sad Losers

Well, I for one am glad that those two sad losers who killed Private Lee Rigby outside Woolwich Barracks in the summer did not get their wish to become martyrs in their own private  jihad. Thank goodness the London police had the discipline not to kill them in a hail of bullets, as I have little doubt their American counterparts would have done if the murder had happened on the streets of Washington DC. I suspect these two clowns pled not guilty in order to use their trial as a platform to spout their pathetic misguided rantings. Instead, they showed themselves to be total mental and moral degenerates. If the situation had been reversed, would Pvt Rigby have murdered these two fools? I don't think so. One of the questions I have is how could they be so sure that the man they attacked was a soldier. Yes, he had short hair, a military charity hoodie and was in the vicinity of an army base with a rucsack in camouflage colours. But some might call that circumstantial. I remember a short haired you man standing at a bus stop which was sometimes used by soldiers returning to the old Ritchie Camp near my home town. The local thugs had about the same level deductive powers as tweedledum and tweedledee exercised in London. The thugs put the young guy in hospital. It was the same hospital where he worked as a porter.


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