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Futility and Stupidity

It's more than a little disappointing to see that in the aftermath of last week's  stupid slaughter of  British soldier Lee Rigby in London by a couple of misfit losers who claimed  to be acting in retaliation for the deaths of civilians overseas  at the hands of the British military has resulted in attacks on British mosques. That is exactly what the two sad clowns who allegedly  knocked the soldier down with their car and then hacked him to pieces wanted to happen. The suspects hung around after the killing and waited for armed police to arrive, apparently in the hope of being martyred themselves. Sadly, the stupidity has not been restricted to the killers. There have been attacks on British mosques.  Even at the height of the Irish Republican Army's murder and terror campaign in England, people didn't go out and burn down Catholic Chapels. The IRA would have loved it if they had. Terrorist campaigns are often intended to provoke an ugly reaction which  acts as a recruiting sergeant for their cause. So, the thugs who attack mosques have been outsmarted by a couple of sad misfits who wanted the murder to trigger anti-immigrant violence. By the way, now one of the accused killers' families is claiming that perhaps there wouldn't have been a murder if the British Government had done more to help him when he was mistreated in Kenya after he was picked up while trying to get into Somalia to join the fighting  there. So, basically the British Government is to blame?



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