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Failure to Launch

I wonder what’s going to happen when it comes to the nuclear submarine base at Faslane if Scotland does vote for independence. The Scottish National Party has made it clear they want no truck with nuclear weapons. Setting aside the debate over the real value of possessing a nuclear deterrent, an independent Scotland could not afford its own nuclear navy. And sharing one with the rump of the United Kingdom would mean the English would have effective control of it. Few independent countries would want another national calling the shots, literally, like that. Actually, I’m not sure the present-day UK does have an actual independent nuclear deterrent. The missiles are American and I just have a nagging doubt as to whether the United States would really surrender complete control of those missiles. Would one nation really trust another with that kind of mega-death capability? I think without US approval, we’re talking about Failure to Launch when it comes to those missiles. Which brings me back to Faslane. It all depends what the Americans want. I’ve got a feeling that an independent Scottish government would have its arm twisted in allowing the English (sorry Wales and Northern Ireland but you’re going to have next to no say in these matters) to keep the base. It would be a Sovereign base similar to those that the Cypriots agreed to when the Brits granted the Mediterranean island independence in the 1960s but wanted to keep its military presence there.


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