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Batang Kali - Again and Again

Batang Kali - Again and Again
Now the Red Chinese are using the British cover-up of the 1948 Batang Kali Massacre in Malaya as a stick to beat modern-day Brits with. The presentation of a 10,000 name petition in Kuala Lumpur requesting an apology for the murder of 24 ethnic-Chinese by the Scots Guards made headlines in the People’s Daily. A spokesman for the British High Commissioner in the Malaysian capital said “what happened” to the civilians at Batang Kali was “deeply regrettable” without saying what did happen at Batang Kali. The British authorities have still to admit that the claim that the men were shot while trying to escape was, and is, a lie. Pressure from Malaysia for the British to come clean continues to grow and the arrogant insistence on continuing the cover-up is harming relations between the two countries. Last year the High Court in London cast serious doubt on the official, cover-up, version of events but declined to order a public inquiry. Lawyers in Britain acting for the families which lost members in the massacre are planning to appeal that decision. The lawyers have offered to withdraw the appeal if the British apologise for the massacre; fund a memorial to those killed and pay “modest reparations” to the families. As far as I know the British authorities have ignored the offer. The decision to pay compensation to Kenyans who claim they were tortured and mistreated during the Mau Mau terror campaign has boosted calls for the British Government to do the right thing when it comes to Batang Kali. Again I ask, who is the Government protecting here? I seriously doubt if it is the squaddies of the Scots Guards, several of whom admitted in the 1970s that there had been a massacre.

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