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Another Victim

It looks as though US F-16 pilot Major Harry “Psycho” Schmidt has claimed another victim. It was Schmidt who bombed a Canadian live-fire training exercise near Kandahar Airfield in 2002 and killed four members of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. I now read that the best friend of one of the men killed is facing three years in jail as prosecutors in British Columbia pursue him for possession of a restricted hand-gun. It came out that Yan Berube had the gun after he showed it to a government nurse and announced he was either going to shoot himself or the cops would have to shoot him. The nurse was at his home because Berube suffered some kind of nervous breakdown after the death of his best friend Ainsworth Dyer. I interviewed Berube and Dyer before they deployed to Afghanistan. They seemed like good guys. It was bad enough that some sad nutbar from the US air force killed Ainsworth. Schmidt’s claim that he was acting in self-defence when he dived down and bombed the training exercise never made any sense to me. I think he just wanted to drop a bomb and kill some people for real. Anyway, now it comes out that Schmidt has wrecked Berube’s life. Yan never did do anything with the gun, beyond showing it to the nurse. The police were called and the ex-soldier went quietly. It looked as though things were going to take a sensible course and Berube pled guilty to all charges on the understanding that he would probably be given a suspended sentence or probation. Then Crown Prosecutors announced that possession of the restricted handgun carried a minimum of three years jail time. A judge kicked the attempt to jail Berube out of court. But the prosecutors successfully appealed the judge’s decision. Now he is to be re-tried and again faces three years in jail. I can’t help wondering why it is so important to send Yan to jail and how that will make British Columbia safer. I don’t know who is worse; Psycho Schmidt or Canadian prosecutors. Or more incompetent. For more of my thoughts on Psycho see Blog Posting


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