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Among the Cranks

One of the most common complaints from authors in North America trying to publicise their new release is that most of the television and radio shows they manage to get on are hosted by people who have never read the book. But British author Stephen Grey seems to have encountered another hazard. It's not clear if he, or his North American publicist, knew he was being thrown to the cranks. One of the local radio stations here takes an overnight feed from America, I'm guessing because it is a cheap way to fill airtime when few of the people its advertising to will be listening. The show, I can't dignify it with the term "programme", mixes interviews with a call-in. It seems that most of the people calling in believe they have been abducted by aliens. The interviews are with people who, for instance, write about battles in the Irish Channel between the British armed forces and flying saucers. Those callers who have not been abducted are nearly all hard-core conspiracy theorists. I have to wonder if Mr Grey was aware of this when he agreed to appear on the show to discuss his new book about espionage and counter-terrorism. I only caught the last few minutes of the show but it seemed obvious that Mr Grey was somewhat surprised by the questions posed by the callers. The first caller did not have a question. He wanted help because the US government is holding his daughter hostage to force him to take part in its "war on terror". The second caller wanted Grey to agree that the internet is a government conspiracy. The third wanted to discuss using telepathy to spy on people. Grey's discomfort was palpable.


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