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Not Good Enough

Most family businesses do not survive the third generation. Business history is full of third generation crashes and  bankruptcies. So, it's a mystery to me why the British continue to know-tow to the perpetuation of privilege inherent in the public school system. Whatever those parents who privately educate their kids are paying for, it's not really about academic achievement. It's about networking and exclusion of the children of the non privileged from the good jobs. I've worked with four products of public schools and all four were out of their depth. And two were Toxic Lifeforms. I don’t know if the latter two were an unexpected by-product of private school or the whole point of sending kids to one.  I seem to remember that nearly all David Cameron's cabinet went to Eton. Does anyone really believe that one high school is the repository of almost all the talent in Britain? Which brings me to my solution. People must be free to educate their children the way they want. But if their children are too good to be educated alongside those of the majority of taxpayers, then perhaps they are also too good to make their living from taxpayer money. So, attendance of private school should exclude a person from a publicly financed job. No Civil Service jobs, no military careers. The Army would no longer be the biggest employer of old Etonians. Of course, the privileged will eventually find another way to stack the deck again in their favour but perhaps while they are working on it there will be a brief period where talent is more important than parental income. But briefly, it could be something beautiful. 

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