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Crossing Chaos

I sometimes hear when people are discussing how dangerous something they dismiss the threat by remarking  "more people are killed on the roads every year". What does that mean? I'll tell you, it means motor vehicles are very very dangerous. As far back as the 1920s or 30s British commentators were sounding alarm bells about the killing carnage on the nation's roads. And that was in the days when only the rich could afford to drive and cars were a rare sight. It would be interesting to know why society tolerates this carnage. I've seen the police manning speed traps ignore cars shooting through zebra crossings nearby while people are using them. In fact, I was almost hit by a police car on a zebra crossing. The cop  ignored two lanes of cars which had already stopped and gave me the Vs as he sped past. If even the cops don’t take pedestrian safety seriously……

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