The 92nd Gordon Highlanders couldn't help noticing what appeared to be a white man in local costume sitting on a camel and cheering them as the passed through the Afghan town of Chiznee on their way back to India in 1880. Some soldiers thought he was an Afghan suffering from some kind of  a skin disease that made him look like a European but others thought there was something suspicious going on and they grabbed him. The only English he knew was "Johnny Dawson". The little boy  of a Black Watch soldier called John Dawson had vanished in India about 18 years earlier. Based on this slender evidence, the Gordons concluded they had found the missing boy - now a Muslim with five wives. It was discovered that the Dawsons were now living in Australia and the Gordons decided to send the man there. But shortly before the regiment crossed the frontier back into India, the man bolted, and presumably returned to Chiznee.
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