Sergeant Charles Martin of the 92nd Gordon Highlanders almost came to regret his kindness to an Afghan colonel in 1879. The Afghan officer was being held prisoner as a potential witness against the Afghans who murdered the British delegation in Kabul earlier in the year. He was handcuffed to pole in the tent where he was imprisoned and could not lie down to sleep. When Inverness man Martin was put in charge of the prisoner he released the man from his cuffs. The officer was eventually released and a few weeks afterwards Martin spotted him fishing in the Kabul River. The colonel had not forgotten Martin or his kindness. He insisted on giving Martin a magnificent horse. When Martin declined the offer, the colonel said he would get the British commander General Frederick Roberts to approve the gift. This was the last thing Martin wanted. If Roberts learned that Martin had unshackled his prisoner, he would have ended up chained to a tent pole himself.

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