"Cowan's retelling of the Scottish experience in Canada does an excellent job of giving an overview of the complex and compelling history of the country. Anyone who still clings to the old notion that Canada's history is boring (particularly in comparison to the Revolutionary beginnings and Wild West mythology of our southern neighbour) would have their eyes opened by reading Cowan's book." - Suite 101.

“entertaining and playful” - Celtic Connection magazine.

“Paul Cowan provides wonderful accounts of the explorers, settlers, rogues, politicians and charlatans who were Canada’s Scots.” - The Daily Gleaner.

“well written and informative” - Andrew Hinson, University of Guelph.

“This journalistic venture into Canadian history is a great success. Well written and humorous, it introduces the reader to well known and lesser known figures who, indeed, were the makers of Canada. Sir John A MacDonald, Colonel James F Macleod, Alexander MacKenzie and many more are well depicted in this fine book” - Alberta History

Bestseller in Canada!

Do us both a favour: Only order from a well established reputable retailer.  I wouldn't even risk trying to see if any of the numerous sites offering a supposedly free version do more than download something malicious. 

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