Officers of 7th Scottish Rifles 1915

Thanks to Ed Boyle and Alistair Cuthbert for this photo related to the Battle of Gully Ravine in 1915 (See Blooding the Pups in Scottish Military Disasters).
The photo is believed to have been taken at Grangemouth in May 1915, shortly before the 7th Battalion of the Scottish Rifles sailed for Turkey.
The young seated lad with the towel over his shoulder is Alistair’s great uncle Lieutenant Daniel Taylor. Can anyone identify the others? Alistair believes the four may be the platoon commanders from the battalion's B Company  – that would make the others Lieutenants Duff, Brown and Maclay. None survived Gully Ravine. Two of the men do appear to be wearing officer-issue shirts with collars and the man with his hands in the pockets would seem to be wearing officer-style trousers.

Anyone with information can get in touch with through the “contact” feature on this site. Also, if you are unable to see the photo, I'd like to know.

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