Just after the Saskatchewan Party here in Canada, a supposed merger of the corruption discredited Provincial Tories and their Liberal counterparts but really just a Tory vehicle, kicked the New Democrats out of power, a vacancy came up for someone to work as a media relations officer for the party. One of the party officials wrote the job description when the vacancy was posted. He knew what the job involved because he had worked next to someone who had done it. One of the duties outlined was to find members of the public to put their names on newspaper Letters to the Editor actually written by party headquarters. Another was to recruit supposed ordinary Joes and Josephines to phone radio call-in shows and spout party propaganda over the airwaves. This was an interesting one because the host of the province's biggest call- in show was quick to "out" any callers with even tenuous links to the New Democrats but somehow never apparently spotted the Tory plants. Anyway, needless to say the aforementioned job posting was disavowed by the Tories. Hilarious