Police forces often try to sell the public on their use of electric stun guns by claiming that they are an alternative to shooting people. It’s not true. The stun guns are an alternative to subduing someone by taking a truncheon to them. In a situation in which an officer’s life really is in imminent danger, a stun gun cannot be trusted. Most rely on firing tiny hooks attached to thread-thin wires connecting them to the stun gun. If one of the hooks doesn’t hook, the electronic circuit is not completed and the stun charge doesn’t flow. Another problem with an electronic stun gun is that sometimes they just make their target more agitated – especially if the target is on drugs. Sometimes people die after being stunned. Now,I think most people would prefer to have a stun gun used on them to having their skull fractured or their arm broken with a police baton. That’s why I’m a little puzzled as to why stun guns are sold to the public as an alternative to the police use of firearms. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for the police having as many options as possible when it comes to tools for dealing with violent incidents. But I’d rather they were upfront and honest about what they are doing.