Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a king. This king had never had a real job but the people made him their ruler anyway. Oddly, in this country, far far away, a man could be the king even if most people did not want him to be. It was a democracy of the constitutional monarchy variety. But that’s not what this story is about. This king, who had never had a real job, thought that everything should belong to someone, particularly if that someone was a friend of his. But in this country they had something called a State Broadcaster. It didn’t belong to any one person. And the king didn’t think anything should belong to the State. But this State Broadcaster was a national institution. The king had a problem. His friends in the privately owned media said it wasn’t fair that they had to compete with this State Broadcaster and still make a profit. The king hit on a brilliant idea. He would appoint an idiot to run the State Broadcaster. Like attracts Like and an idiot is bound to appoint other idiots. Soon the State Broadcaster would be filled with idiots. Eventually, the programming would become so awful that no-one would care that the king was effectively killing off the State Broadcaster using the old death-by-a-thousand cuts ploy. Before long, due to an infestation of idiots and budget cuts, the programmes were so terrible that some people even rejoiced at the thought that soon they would no longer have to pay for the State Broadcaster. And that Children is why some people call a television set "The Idiot Box".