The thing about politicians - apart from being unable to look beyond the next election - is that they feel they have to be seen to be "doing something". I'm sure I'm not alone in becoming increasingly concerned about the proposed curbs on free speech and civil liberties that seem to be accompanying the rise in Islamist extremist violence. The United Kingdom managed to survive the threat of Northern Irish terrorism without many of the powers which we are now told are essential to deal with the rise of ISIS and the ilk. I don't remember all the passengers getting off the ferry from Larne to Stranraer being herded into detention camps for questioning. Here in Canada the murder of two soldiers, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo, in separate incidents by sad-sack loser loners, both converts to Islam, has led to calls from a couple of MPs for some form of internment.  I suspect that there are already adequate means in the legislative toolbox to deal with the present threat. I would have thought extremists should be encouraged to shoot their mouths off. That way we know who they are. Then we can watch them and anyone who associates with them. The Number One aim of terrorists is to provoke an over-reaction that shoves recruits into their net. What is needed now is some finesse and imagination, not a blunt instrument forged because some politco feels "something should be done" to secure the vote of Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells or Toronto.