This is another story that I can’t vouch for as being true (See Riot Squad below) – but I thought I’d share it anyway. About 35 years ago the British were introducing a new fighter. The fighter was supposed to have an all-singing all-dancing radar system. But the electronics guys couldn’t iron out of the bugs before the first planes came off the production line and were ready to go into service. So, to keep the planes properly balanced in flight, the weight of the yet-to-be delivered radar system in the nose cone had to be simulated. It turned out that a small bag of cement was just the right weight. People started referring to the radar project as “Blue Circle”. Then things got scary. British intelligence found out that their Soviet counterparts were looking for information about “Project Blue Circle”. The security implications of this agent query were obvious and there was witch-hunt centred on finding out how the Soviets had heard about Blue Circle.