It may interest those of you who have already snapped up a copy of the excellent With Wellington in the Peninsula to learn that Balfour Kermack's medal recently sold at auction for £3,200. Kermack wrote account of his part in the Highland Light Infantry's campaigns during the Peninsular War, 1808-1814, and features in several of the book's footnotes. Kermack was one of only 43 rankers from the regiment to earn eight or more bars on his General Service Medal. That included one for Talavera, a battle in which the HLI did not take part. Sadly, Kermack in his "what I did in The War" notes did not explain how he ended up at Talavera, though several members of the regiment who had been hospitalized earlier in the fighting were there as part of a composite battalion. The medal was only expected to sell for between  £1,500 and £2,000. What I find interesting is that poor old Kermack probably never earned anything like £3,200 in his whole life. By the way, With Wellington has gone as high as 21st in the bestseller list for books about the Peninsular War. As one noted critic has already said "You don't get many Napoleonic memoirs as good as this". Naturally, as the book's editor, I heartily concur. End of shameless plug.