I’ve searched in vain on the internet for information about the fate of the young Scots Guardsman who was taken off ceremonial duties at the Royal Wedding after making some disparaging remarks on a social media site about the bride.
Eighteen year-old Cameron Reilly also made some very unpleasant anti-semitic and anti-immigrant comments on the social media site. I’m kind of concerned that this idiot has been given a gun at public expense and taught how to kill people. He seems, at his present level of maturity and brain function, to be one of the last people who should be given a firearm.
But, he is only 18-years-old. And a lot of money has already been spent on training him. The part of me that says just boot him out of the Army is wrestling with the part that says he should be given a chance to straighten-up and fly right. I suspect that young Guardsman Reilly didn’t confine his rants to social media sites and it concerns me that no-one appears to have made a serious attempt to persuade him to put his brain in gear. Or maybe someone did. If they did and he ignored the chance to mend his ways, then he probably should get the boot right now. If not, then he should get a second chance – but only one.