Did you know that the British Government during the Second World War believed the United States might give the Falkland Islands to Argentina? I didn't until last week. The British were worried in 1942 that Japanese would attack the Falklands or even turn it into a submarine base. The Falklands were in a part the Atlantic that the Americans were supposed to keep safe. But the British worried that if they asked the Yanks to garrison the islands, Uncle Sam would give them to the Argentinians to advance their own interests in South America. So, Whitehall turned to the Canadians instead. After all, the Canadians had been in the war from the start and did not charge an arm and a leg for their help. Nor were they highly likely to give the islands to the Argies. But the Canadians politely declined to garrison the islands, perhaps disturbed by the entire loss of the two battalions they sent to Hong Kong to bolster the feeble British defences there. Canada did well out of the Second World War. The Americans did even better. The British bankrupted themselves and became a client state of the USA. But they did get to keep the Argentinians out of the Falklands for another 40 years. My guess is that they'll stay British until it's in the national interest of the United States to give them to Argentina.