Is there such a thing as the Canadian Cringe? That no Canadian has really truly made it until they are famous somewhere else? That what happens in America or Europe is more interesting than anything happening in Canada? I was appalled by recent Canadian coverage of the murder of eight people in New York by a Lone Loser in a rented truck. Journalist after journalist or should I say "'journalist' after 'journalist'", cited similar previous attacks in Europe. Not one mentioned the recent hire-van pedestrian knockdown by a Lone Loser here in Edmonton, Alberta, which put four people in hospital. And there was the cop the Loser hit with a car earlier the same night and tried to stab to death. I guess for Canadian "journalists" if it didn't happen in the United States or a major European city, it didn't happen at all. OK, the Edmonton nut-job didn't succeed in killing anyone, but I don't think it was through lack of trying.  And while we're on the subject of homicidal losers; what's this with describing their sad sad murders, and attempted murders and maimings,  as "Lone Wolf Attacks"? That gives them an implied dignity and valour they certainly don't merit and insults wolves. Lone Loser. Sad Sack. Pathetic Excuse for a Human Being.