I just listened to some BBC World Service mischief making. Its United Kingdom reporter Rob Broomby went to a Glasgow bar for the World Cup game between Uruguay and England and asked the patrons who they were shouting for. He expressed surprise that they declared themselves firmly in the Uruguay camp. If he was genuinely surprised, that only adds to the red flags already flying high regarding his suitability for the job. The English throw their support behind the Irish, Welsh or Scottish if their own team do not qualify and are hurt to discover that this is not reciprocated. And to be frank, the guys Broomby interviewed came over as boorish and ignorant. But I have no way of knowing how many sensible people he taped who gave a more rational explanation for their choice - sensible people to not make "good radio". One of the reasons is the BBC itself. Before the English Football Association killed off the oldest international football fixture in the world because they said the Scots were too crap to be worth playing, Scottish fans were subjected annually to the most obnoxious English partisan punditry by the so-called national broadcaster. The BBC more than lived up to its reputation as the Home Counties Broadcasting Service. I have avoided discussion of the Scottish Independence referendum because I do not live in Scotland and may be missing some of the nuances of the debate. I have plenty of friends and family members to keep me up to date. But one thing I will say, every time Prime Minister David Cameron opens his mouth he puts his foot in it and displays a lamentable lack of awareness of how things stand in Scotland. Perhaps he is relying too much on the BBC World Service for his information.