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Never Mind the Truth, Feel the Emotion

  1. A  hell of the lot of people don't know their history. That makes it easy for those with an agenda, often not obvious, to whip up hysteria and actually silence those who question their twisted version. People have recently lost their livelihoods for querying the exaggerations being pedalled. Even worse, still living witnesses to history who would once provide more nuanced accounts  of events are now afraid to speak out due to fear of the wrath of misguided mob. In 1908 the authorities in Vancouver on Canada's Pacific Coast turned away a Japanese ship containing almost 360 would-be immigrants from India who had sailed from Hong Kong. Immigration rules were that immigrants had to sail from their country of citizenship and had set the amount of cash needed on entry for non-Europeans at a higher level. The intention was obviously to discourage non-European immigration to Canada. The ship had been chartered by a US financed and based terrorist organisation called Ghadar to challenge the immigration rules. Those who were not terrorist sympathisers when they boarded the Komagatu Maru on Hong Kong almost certainly were by the time they arrived off Vancouver. The ship's arrival was like a plane charted by ISIS touching down at Vancouver airport today. And yet demands for a modern government apology were taken seriously. No- one seemed to remember that two Vancouver members of the Indian community who assisted immigration authorities were later murdered, as was one of the leading immigration officials involved. Nor were the 24 passengers admitted to Canada mentioned much during the Centenary. Never mind the truth, feel the emotion. 

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