I’d be the first to admit I’m not a maths person. But I’ve often wondered if anyone has ever come up with a mathematical formula to calculate how much mayhem is created by various numbers of anti-social thugs. Based on my own experience at high school, it became clear that two nasty bits of work didn’t cause twice as much mayhem as one. I’d guess they made four or five times more trouble. And when they were joined by a third, we weren’t talking about three times as much violence and terror but something like 15 to 20 times as much. By the time the gang reached 20 members, they had the capability of placing hundreds in a state of fear. As the cops found, no-one, but no-one, would testify in court against these thugs. It was only when they were suspected of killing a cop that the hammer finally came down on them. I’d left town by then, but I’ve got a feeling that the methods used to collect evidence and the pressure on potential witnesses to testify were somewhat different than in previous investigations.