Some say that no news  is good news. It would appear that in the case of the British media that good news is no news. For years it has been reported that more British veterans of the Falklands War had committed suicide since the conflict than had died at the hands of Argentinians. Around 255 British  personnel died in the war. But the Ministry of Defence recently revealed the results of its examination of the figures, which showed on 97 veterans had committed suicide - which represented a lower suicide rate than the British average. The results of the MoD report were hardly reported. One expert was in a taxi on his way to a BBC studio to be interviewed about the report as soon as it was released but when the BBC editors saw the figures they cancelled the interview. The taxi turned around and returned the expert to his home. Now, what concerns me is that the media's lack of interest has meant that the MoD study was not subjected to the sceptical and rigorous examination that perhaps it should have been. I would not be entirely surprised if it turned out that the number of mentally tortured veterans of the war is not as high as some with a vested interest in the PTSD business would like us to believe. But having dealt with the MoD in the past, I wouldn't trust it to tell me what day it is without their statement being double checked with another source.