One of my least favourite parts of high school was being forced to look like a clown when PE Class meant doing the High Jump. The apparatus was set up in the middle of the gym and then one by one we all charged at it from what seemed like way too far away in front of the entire class. Being a short fellah, I seldom lasted long and was quickly humiliated. I wasn’t exactly the Mighty Atom or the Amazing Human Jumping Flea. All this came back me recently when I saw a photo of a paralympic swimmer. He had what seemed from the photo to be a mildly clubbed foot. That might have been enough to rule him out when it came to a real Olympic Gold Medal. But I bet he would leave me way behind in his wake if we got in the pool together. I was left wondering who he competed against; other men with one mildly clubbed foot? Or other swimmers who had entire limbs missing? What about swimmers without a foot? Do they get to strap on a flipper?  Should the real Olympics not only divide High Jumpers by gender but also by height? After all, boxers have weight classes. Or how short would a short guy have to be to qualify for the Paralymics? Does being below average height constitute a physical handicap? I sometimes wonder if the day is coming when everyone on the planet will be the proud owner of an Olympic or Paralymic medal thanks to highly selective competition categories.