There’s nothing worse when trawling the internet at work than landing on a site which insists on blasting out some audio – though I guess most people have learned over the years to have the sound turned down. There are hiatuses in the working day, say while waiting for an important phone call without which the task in hand cannot be completed, when folk might be tempted to have a quick gander at the internet. Of course, if a person goes to a site which crashes the entire computer system, that person could lose their job. Most companies also fire employees if they catch them visiting porn sites. I remember once at work doing an innocuous work-related search but instead of bringing up what I expected my computer began downloading, line by line on the screen, an obvious piece of porn. Nothing I did would stop the download. Eventually, I had to dive under the desk and pull out the plug which I reckoned fed my computer terminal. There were several plugs down there, including one for the giant printer used to print the full page proofs for the newspaper. Oh, I guess there was another time when an internet site’s ownership was allowed to lapse and instead of providing work-related information the site turned out to now host porn. Some of my colleagues were less scrupulous. Sometimes on the first shift of the day I’d come in to find the office printer jammed and when I got it running again, it would spit out sheet after sheet of homosexual porn for a couple of minutes. What kind of sad sack prints out black and white porn on the office printer when working the late shift? Anyway, the reason I was discussing intrusive and alarming audio is to explain why there’s no drum-roll to announce the winner of the Scottish Military Disasters 2013 Book of the Year. To find out who the winner was click Book of the Year