Does anyone out there know anything about a strange little book called Tales of the RIC? It dates from the early 1920s and purports to be the memoirs of the Royal Irish Constabulary member based at a station in an area in which the Irish Republican Army was active. I say "purports" because I suspect it was one of the last kicks of can by the Black Propaganda department set up during the First World War by the British Government. It's mission was to circulate stories to the "neutral" media, in particular in the pre-1917 United States. The book has my spidey sense tingling because it's just too slickly written. And too much happens in just one station's area. It's almost as if someone has collected up all the IRA atrocity stories in circulation at the time and attributed them to one Irish county. I have little doubt that some of the stories are true. The British attempt to smother the Irish independence movement after the First World War involved a lot of brutality and viciousness from both sides. I've tried to find out more about this book, published by Blackwood, and its author. And all I've drawn is blanks. I'd love to hear from anyone who can fill in those blanks.