I’m glad to see that demands for a proper inquiry into the Batang Kali Massacre won’t go away. Many will wonder why it’s so important that the true facts about the murder of 24 ethnic Chinese men on a rubber plantation in Malaya in 1948 by members of the Scots Guards is important. Well, look no further than the petition which may be about to be circulated in the Malaysian parliament calling for just such an inquiry. The continued British cover-up is still damaging relations between the United Kingdom and Malaysia. Demands for the British to come clean received a boost in September when the High Court in London ruled that there had been a cover-up but declined to force an inquiry into events at Batang Kali. A Malaysian organisation calling itself the International Movement for a Just World is also throwing its weight behind demands for an inquiry and an apology to the families of the massacre victims. I remain baffled as to who the British Government is protecting with this cover-up. It does not have a good record when it comes to cover-ups on behalf of ordinary squaddies. So, what is the terrible secret the Government is determined we should never know? See Batang Kali Revisited