The High Court in London has said there are no legal grounds to overturn at British Government decision not to order a proper inquiry into the 1948 massacre of 24 suspected Communist sympathisers in Malaya by a patrol from the Scots Guards. While at first that might seem like bad news, the judgement says that the evidence points to the massacre claim being true and that there has been a long-standing cover-up of the fact. A fatuous claim from the British authorities that the Malaysian Government and not the British Government should be held  responsible for the conduct of the Guardsmen at Batang Kali was firmly rejected by the High Court. The court also said the British Government deliberately hindered a 1993 investigation by the Royal Malaysian Police into the killings. I’m still baffled as to why the British Government after all these years is so determined that the truth about this shameful incident should never come out. Once again, I ask; who is it protecting? The Government doesn’t have a particularly good record when it comes to defending and backing-up ordinary squaddies. So what is it about what happened back in 1948 that the Great British Public must never ever know? For a little more detail of what the court said have a look at this Press Release from the London law firm which has been representing the families of some of the murdered men.