Calling film buffs everywhere. In the deep dark recesses of my mind I seem to remember an old British black and white film which featured in the climactic scene a Centurion tank busting its way into a bank.  It was obviously a robbery caper and I have a feeling that the bad guys did not get away with it. Can anyone remember the name of the film and/or anything about the plot? I used to think that the film might have been called Robbery Under Arms. Then I decided that was the name of a Stanley Baker film about a gang trying to steal an army payroll around the time of the Suez Crisis. Wrong yet again, the Stanley Baker film I was thinking about is called A Prize of Arms. Anyway, without any idea of the title of the tank-in-the-bank film or what year it was made, or who was in it, I haven’t managed to get very far. I am beginning to wonder if I dreamt the whole thing and there's no such film. Anyway, if you know anything about this film, hit the comment button below and let me know.