The Royal Highland Fusiliers museum on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow is an interesting place. But the regimental trustees would be the first to agree that they are forced by lack of space to cram perhaps too much into the very limited space they have available for display. That's why they have launched an appeal to fund a move to bigger premises. The regimental trustees are the custodians of artifacts and documents relating to two of Scotland's oldest regiments. Perhaps part of their problem is that both the Royal Scots Fusiliers, the third oldest Scottish infantry regiment (counting the Scots Guards), and the second oldest Highland Regiment, in the form of the Highland Light Infantry, lack the glamour attached to many of the other units. And that might make the fund-raising drive tougher than it should be. When I was researching Scottish Military Disasters, several of the regiments were very very helpful: only one ignored me completely. It would be unwise of me to pick a favourite museum or archivist. In fact, not only would it be unwise but it would also be unfair. I'm not even going to name a top three. But I will say that the RHF have some tremendous tales to tell and I whole-heartedly support anything that improves their ability to get their story out. For more information about the appeal -  Museum Appeal.