If the Black Watch could not always fill its ranks with recruits from the Highlands in 18th Century it at least insisted on Scots. But when a second battalion was being raised in 1758 two of the officers found themselves unable to fill their recruitment quotas under the Scots-only rule. But they could find Irish Gaelic speakers in Glasgow. O’Donnells found themselves enlisted as Macdonnells, O’Lachlans as Maclachlans and O’Briens as Macbriens. The Black Watch was not the first unit to pass off Irishmen as Scots. In 1727 recruiters for the Royal Scots went to the trouble of sending 28 Irish recruits to Scotland to sign their enlistment papers and then shipped them back to Ireland where the regiment was stationed at the time. The deception included kitting the recruits out with “Scotch bonnets” for the trip.